Sunday, June 28, 2009

Post #2 - RAIN!

For over two weeks, it has been hot and dry. Daily temps usually passing a hundred degrees. There has been no rain. The gardens withered. Even the kudzu started wilting. The sun on your face like a big warm kiss from Satan.

But now it is raining! Sweet, glorious rain!

I hardly got anything planted this year because it wouldn't stop raining in May. Three damned weeks of nothing but rain. And what little I did get planted has been struggling in this heat wave. And I've been struggling to haul enough water to keep the plants alive.

To help beat the heat, I splurged on a $15 plastic kiddie pool from Mal-Wart. Combined with the beach umbrella I got in a trade over the winter and several gallons of water from the garden hose, I have created a sweet little oasis in the front yard. If I'm gonna be trailer trash, I may as well go all the way.
I'll post a photo of the oasis soon. It's currently dismantled due to sweet, glorious rain.

Instead, here is a photo of my cat, Sundae:

Grasshopper - It's what's for dinner.

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