Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sorry I'm not writing more

I just do not have the focus to write these days. Oh, I jot down a lot of notes, but I'm lacking the discipline to sit down and mash it all into a semi-coherent narrative. I blame it on no weed. Weed may not make me a better writer but it sure as hell makes me a more prolific one.

Someday soon, I'm going to post a long piece on the absurd uselessness and absolute Nazi pigfuckery that is the Randolph County justice system Seriously, community service is some fucked up shit. The strip search incident alone is worth at least 1500 words.

And the worthless court referral program, a.k.a. re-education camp, is worth another 1500. I can't believe I had to explain to the "teacher" that you don't smoke the leaves of the marijuana plant. Sigh...

In other news:

High winds blew the roof off what was left of the old barn. This was a good thing as there was no way I could've taken that roof off by myself in less than a year. Mother Nature removed it, oak rafters and all, in less than five seconds. One of these days, I'll post photos of the barn deconstruction project.

I also contracted with a local timber company to remove about 400 tons of trees from my property. They paid me enough money to catch up on my bills, pay the reinstatement fee for my driver's license and get my old car back on the road. There will even be enough left over to buy groceries and maybe new contact lenses and a haircut.

Also: One of the cats got run over by a car, I found some Native American stone tools, the goat kids are still cute, baby chicks are due soon, I get my license back in three weeks and the corn is already an inch high.

So, dear readers, bear with me while I slog through this dry spell. I swear, I will update this blog more frequently in the future. I just couldn't let April pass without a single update.