Tuesday, August 10, 2010

So long, Uncle Ted

Damn. I always thought Ted Stevens was too ornery to die. I was wrong. But then again, I'm wrong about a lot of stuff.

If I was back in Anchorage tonight, I'd head downtown to one of my favorite watering holes and get drunk with friends while swapping Uncle Ted stories. Everybody in Alaska has an Uncle Ted story.

But I'm not in Alaska. I'm in Alabama - in a county with no bars. Nobody here knows who Ted Stevens is which means nobody wants to hear my Uncle Ted story. Instead, I am drinking a strong coffee and watching my tape of the 1996 debate between Ted Stevens and Theresa Obermeyer.

I was surprised to find that I
couldn't find any of the debate posted online. So, in honor of Ted, I'm posting one of my favorite moments. Sorry about the quality. It's an old VHS tape and I'm just recording it off the TV with my digital camera.


John Little said...

Hilarious! Who wouldn't want to be stalked by her?

Anonymous said...

Great video post! I sure miss Ted Stevens....he went out the Alaska way, in a DeHavilland going a fishing trip. No dying a slow, painful death from cancer.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the video. I was just thinking about that moment and happy to find it here. Classic.