Wednesday, June 9, 2010

By request: Snake Autopsy

Angela asked me to video the retrieval of plastic Easter eggs from the chicken snake I killed yesterday. So I did. Ask and ye shall receive:

Turns out there was only one plastic egg inside the snake - the rest were all real chicken eggs. The snake must have eaten the eggs right before I killed it because the shells weren't crushed when I took those earlier pictures. I wrongly assumed it had eaten four of the brightly colored fake eggs.

The disturbing part is, several plastic Easter eggs are still missing. Where is the snake that ate those?


Unknown said...

Wonderful! The other snakes are dead, dead, dead if they ate the other plastic eggs. If they can't crush them it is a case of terminal constipation. And if they do crush it think of all that sharp plastic inside. Yukky bloody death.

Jackie said...

But will it die in the walls of Frankencoop, stinkin' up the joint, attracting meat-eaters and extra flies?

I'm envisioning Frankencoop's sealed-off kitchen as full of snakes. Like from an Indiana Jones movie.

siouxzun said...

Hatcher and I enjoyed your video very much. He especially liked the cat that couldn't wait for you to make the first chop...and of course, your brightly painted fingernails!