Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Guess who's from Randolph County, Alabama?

Today, during an internet search for something completely different, I learned that Lewis Thornton Powell (1844-1865) is from Randolph County, Alabama. His family moved to Georgia when he was three but that doesn't change the fact that he's originally from my little particular corner of nowhere.

I can already hear a collective
"Who?" coming from the readers of this blog.

Lewis Thornton Powell was the man who unsuccessfully tried to assassinate William Seward.

Again, I can hear a number of you sayin
g "Who?" I'm pretty sure though the Alaskans in the audience have some idea who Seward was.

Seward was Abraham Lincoln's Secretary of State. At the same time John Wilkes Booth was gunning Lincoln down in the theater, Powell was r
epeatedly stabbing Seward, injuring a number of others in the fracas, including two of Seward's children. Powell was one of the four conspirators hanged for the Lincoln assassination.

Powell is second from the left.

Considering how many locals here still haven't stopped fighting the Civil War, I'm surprised this has never come up in conversation before.

Even more surprising is the fact that Powell was kinda cute.


siouxzun said...

Very interesting...and yeah~he is pretty good looking!

Unknown said...

Mmmmm, got that Goth thing going on. How old was he? 25? 30?

Jackie said...

He was 21 or so in that photo. It was taken when he was already in custody. Notice the manacles on his wrists.

So many of the men in the mid-1800s were a bit too hairy-beary for my tastes. Nice to see a clean-shaven face - even if it is on a failed murderer.

brynn said...

murder away, i say. he's a fox.

shalott92 said...